Sean on the Issues

Standing Up for Neighborhoods

From McFerrin Park to Cleveland Park to Highland Heights, over to my neighborhood in East Hill, down to Renraw, Greenwood, and Maxwell Heights, District Five is a community of tight-knit and inter-connected neighborhoods being undermined by aggressive rezoning and a proliferation of investor-owned Short Term Rentals. While real estate developers have reaped a financial windfall, housing costs in our District have gone up at three times the rate of the rest of the city, displacing many of our long-time residents. As District Five’s next councilperson, I’ll always stand up to Developers and Stand up for Neighborhoods.

Standing Up for Marginalized Nashvillians

I have a track record of standing with marginalized voices and fighting for equity and inclusion. Our city’s newly formed Community Oversight Board must be vigorously supported in order to fulfill its mission of restoring trust between police and the communities’ they serve. When the State passes legislation that is hostile to our values and priorities, we must fight. Our city’s public employees, teachers, and first responders are vital to Nashville’s success and they will get the raises they were promised. Nashville must also follow the lead of our sister cities and offer a fully inclusive health care plan to our non-binary and transgender public employees. As District Five’s next councilperson, I’ll always Stand Up for ALL Nashvillians.

Standing Up for an Equitable and Transparent Budget

I’ll work to ensure that those benefitting most from Nashville’s growth pay their fair share. Year after year we borrow money to spur development and investment with the goal of increasing the tax base. Due to myriad complex financial arrangements, little of that revenue is making its way back to Metro. I’ll work to recapture revenue and recognize savings so we can prioritize the public good — things like sidewalks, schools, and stormwater infrastructure

Support Sean's Vision for Nashville

I'm running to serve as an independent voice and advocate for the people, neighborhoods, and small businesses of District Five. I’ve always fought for a City that puts the public good over private profit. Special interests have had their seat at the table; it’s time we do as well.